Cara Flash Flashing SE Sony Ericsson Naite J105i / A2 Uploader phones

Cara Flash Flashing SE Sony Ericsson Naite J105i / A2 Uploader phones
A2 uploader

You can now with A2uploader flash phone with Firmwares, customize your phone, Your phone brand de-add files to the phone, FS-FileSystem, upload Flash menu and change the icon menu and do all the adjustments that might be on the file system.

A2uploader untuk flash hape SE Naite J105i ato SE Seri yg lainnya dengan gunakan Firmwares yg  sesuai sama seri yg mau di flash, Main-FS-Cust FileSystem nya.

Download first firmware Main and FS
Flashing The Phone firmwares.
Start A2uplader.exe

Click ADD button.

Select Firmwares you want to flash.

Shutdown your phone.
Re-insert the battery.
Click Flash in A2uploader.
Connect your phone to your C or 2 holds 5.
Wait for some time.
Disconnect the phone after flashing over. This is going to told Passed: secs xxx.
Re-insert the battery and turn on your phone if You need to.
You need to connect your phone holds C, but if your phone is Your Start button is C, which connects your phone holds 2 5. USB Flash Drivers.
Before You can use a2uploader, you will need to install USB Flash drivers. A2uploader equipped with the flash installer driver automatically. Unpack the downloaded archive and You will find a file with the name ggsetup, install driver Gordon Gate with ggsetup. And You’ll be ready for the next setp. You must install the USB driver is only for the first time.


 If You flash Your phone, it FS all the data on your mobile phone is removed, All SMS/Contacts/Images in the phone memory. So before flashing firmware FS you, you should backup any thing.

Also If You flash FS You, then you will need to upload the files to the phone system CDA files. You must upload your Customize. xml and xml to/preloaded_config./landfill/custom/preset. If You forgot to upload the CDA/Customizaiton/CustPack file after flashing FS, then you will get an error configuring the switch on the phone. If You forget, don’t worry, just upload them this time before the start of the phone.

While cell phone flashing, do not press the STOP button. Do not hang up, or not let A2uploader your computer hanging. Flashing firmware halfway could break your phone, and Your phone may not start.

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